Appetite Can Be Adjusted

It turns out that for the appetite in the human body is responsible for several populations of cells that are in the brain.

They respond to the awareness of the amount eaten and work when they think that a person ate much less than they really are.

This example was clearly demonstrated by a study from the University of Rockefeller. More than a hundred people took part in it and for several weeks used in the morning an omelette from three eggs.

But all people were divided into two groups and this was characterized by the study itself. The first group was told that they were fed with two eggs, and the second with four eggs. And because the consciousness of people was deceived, the first group much more quickly wanted to eat again than the second.

This suggests that the cells responsible for our appetite can be deceived if the eyes believe that they have heard their ears. And now scientists have directed all their efforts to develop a technique for managing these cells and therapy to determine the limitations of their work. People who later learned that they were deceived in this way, claimed that they had not noticed any forgery at all.

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