Anesthetic and It’s Consequences for Women

Each surgical intervention in the human body, necessarily implies the presence of anesthesia.

Even when you come to the dentist, and he is going to drill you a sick tooth, he suggests doing a local anesthesia to completely disable the nerve endings, and you did not feel pain.

And if the operation is much more serious than simply drill a tooth, then most often the person is completely injected into a state of sleep.

During anesthesia, very interesting dreams can be dreamed, but the most important is that you do not feel pain at all, and when you wake up, everything will be over. The effect of anesthesia on the female body is only a minimal effect on the nervous system, which is quickly restored after the operation is completed.

You should understand that the percentage of the impact of anesthesia on health is minimal in comparison with the pain pain experienced. Therefore, when the doctor recommends general anesthesia, you must agree at least to not then scream during the operation from unbearable pain.

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