Aggressive Sex Or Sex With Aggression

It turns out that Colombian scientists have found a close relationship between neurons in the brain of males, who are responsible for sexual desire and an aggressive state.

You will be surprised, but these are the same neurons.

According to the research, when a man’s brain receives an external stimulus, which excites these neurons and causes aggression, then at that moment, the male object can have sex without the woman’s prior consent to this.

Scientists are sure that this connection justifies the action of those who, under the influence of an aggressive state, became the culprit of violence. It turns out that a man is not able to fully control his actions, and therefore to commit an act of violence could, without realizing fully all the consequences. This evidence can now be a good reason to justify maniacs in the courts, citing the fact that the violence was produced in a stressful and aggressive state.

The world public has already rebelled against such an opening considering it not humane and unreliablely verified. After all, a woman becomes completely helpless before those who can do with them irreparable for the psyche and health actions.

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