Additional Working Hours Worsen Health

Nowadays a large number of people devote a lot of time to work, especially for young people who want to earn more, because they plan to buy housing, transport and other household goods.

In this regard, a certain category of people, in addition to the main job, are looking for additional earnings, without thinking that such a schedule has a negative impact on the overall health status. Scientists conducted a study, which found that people who work during the week for 70 hours, are more likely to suffer from various diseases.

This is especially true of the heart system, because additional stresses negatively affect the work of the heart and increase the risk of developing ischemic disease.

During the experiment, which involved 9 thousand employees of different companies, it was possible to find out that in this category the risk of heart disease is higher by 43% compared to those who work no more than 40 hours a week. In addition, it was also found that people who stay in the workplace for a long time increase the risk of stroke by 33%.

The Nervous System

It is worth noting that a high workload leads to problems with the central nervous system and the development of depression. The main reason for this is that they spend little time for rest, as a result of which the body becomes overworked. In such families there are often conflicts, which also negatively affects the psychological state.

An important factor is that in those enterprises where employees work for hours, the efficiency of labor is much lower than in companies where the working week does not exceed 36 hours.

Therefore, in order to improve the health status and prevent various diseases, it is necessary to pay due attention to leisure. Do not give up on leave, preferably at least twice a year.

If during the summer period a seaside option is a good option for recreation, then in winter you can visit the ski resorts, which will make it possible to improve not only physical, but also psychological state.

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