Accustom the Child to Order

Young moms and dads, when their child turns three or four years old, can begin to make the most effort to accustom him to order.

And that he himself could do all this himself without the participation of his parents. However, in practice it remains very difficult to train your baby to this. Therefore, many parents start to break on their baby and scream at him.

In order for the learning process to tidy up the toys has become quite effective, you yourself should do it so that the child sees your work. For example, when everyone in the family is dined and you do not have a dishwasher, you should pay attention to your child, which you clean after everyone ate. Also, an excellent example will be when cleaning will look like a game, as well as assigned to each member of the family. That is, competitions are organized, the cat is quicker to clean up: the daddy near the computer, the mother in the kitchen or the baby will put all her toys in separate boxes – the designer in one, the drawings in the second, and all the other toys – in the third.

Such cleaning will gradually develop in the child addiction, that you need to clean up with yourself, and also you will not become more nervous.

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