Abrupt weather change affects well-being

In the summer time, sharp changes in the weather are often observed, in place of the heat that has been standing since the very early morning, a thunderstorm comes with heavy rain, followed by a drop in atmospheric pressure and a drop in air temperature, and at the same time the people’s health is deteriorating, especially for those with there are chronic diseases.

Despite the fact that the beginning of the summer still remains several days, such vagaries of weather are already observed, which leads to aggravation of diseases, especially in the case of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, from which more and more people, of different age categories, suffer.

How to Prevent Health Deterioration

In order to avoid such ailments, it is necessary to observe some preventive measures, among which it is worth noting moderate exercise, a well-balanced diet, in which avitaminosis is prevented, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As a rule, sweating increases in the heat, as a result of which the body spends large amounts of moisture, which leads to an increase in the load on the work of the heart.

In addition, the summer season opens, which means that many city residents go to the country cottage, where they work on the backyard throughout the whole weekend. Such large physical activities often lead to the appearance of a heart attack, especially for the elderly.

Also, often the cause of this ailment is overheating in the sun, when not many vacationers spend a lot of time on the beach under the rays of the hot sun.

Experts say that on such days it is advisable to spend more time sleeping, and also to drink broths from herbs, the vitamin composition of which will help restore strength, while it is necessary to abandon bad habits, because alcohol and smoking add to health. To prevent the appearance of migraine, irritability and heart problems, natural remedies will help, which, due to calming properties, favorably affect the work of the nervous system. These include infusion of hawthorn, motherwort and valerian, and also tea, brewed from lemon balm, and mint, which also prevents insomnia.

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