A Few Ways To Get Rid Of A Runny nose

Runny nose, this is one of the most common forms of respiratory disease. However, not only with diseases can there appear swelling of the nasal sinuses, which expand and prevent a person from breathing normally.

Runny nose can also occur as a result of allergic reactions, for example, on the grass ambrosia, with sudden climatic changes, for example, from heat you drastically get into the cold and from many other options.

In order to get rid of constant snot, a person must necessarily undergo a drug treatment course. One in the absence of medications at hand, you can help yourself.

Try to find the middle between the eyebrows and one or two fingers to massage this place for a few minutes. This massage helps to get rid of the increased pressure on the frontal sinuses, improve the moisture on the mucosa;

You can try to do a massage between the nose and the lip. Quite a few people, it helps to get rid of the swelling of the nasal mucosa;

Also use humidifiers. It is dry air that can often cause nasal congestion;

Warm your nose with salt. This method generally helps not to resort to a variety of medications.

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